"Words can hardly express how grateful I am to have had therapy sessions with Lise to alleviate my 30+ years of living with an intense fear of flying. From my first session with Lise, I immediately started feeling a wave of hope and a positive shift in the way I thought and felt about flying. Lise uses effective techniques that helped me feel a little more at ease with the idea of flying, week after week and after only a few sessions, I can say for the first time in over 30 years that I am looking forward to flying again! Also, these sessions unexpectedly helped me overcome other phobia for which years of therapy with various psychologists had failed. Therapy sessions with Lise are sometimes emotionally filled but the results are well worth it and are nothing short of extraordinary! I highly recommend Lise to everyone for her professionalism, her very pleasant personality and her strong desire to help others. "
Helene C.
Georgia, USA
I don't know how to tell you how much you have changed my life! It took me a long time to accept asking for help, and after meeting a friend I learned about the work you do. For so long I put others before myself thinking I was the good mother, the good girlfriend, saying yes when I wanted to say no, accepting to be talked to as if I was a worthless person. That all the sadness experienced in my life did not have to follow me forever, even if I miss some of them, I know that I can always think of them without being sad. I feel as if I had been given back the right to exist...to live...to laugh (which I haven't done for a long time), to be able to accept that I am a hell of good person. Also to stop being used as a rug for everyone. You will always be my greatest gift from heaven, my beautiful Lise. With all my recognition and gratitude for all your patience, your hard work to help rebuild myself, thank you with all of my heart. Thank you for giving me back my life and my joy of living. Forever dear Lise xxxxxxx *Translated from French
Christine F.
Quebec, Canada
Since my meeting with you Lise, I have noticed some changes here they are:

My dreams are much lighter and happier. I wake up regularly with a smile, which was not the case before.

I have lost weight. I no longer have strong food compulsion every night as I have for a long time. I feel joy more intensely and more often and I am aware of it... I can feel anger, but I don't go into rage anymore! All a restful change...!

When I'm alone, I no longer feel that I'm not chosen... and I'm no longer ashamed. There are certainly several other micro changes but these are the main ones.

One last: My sensitivity has increased significantly, I now cry every time I witness gestures of tenderness, of gratefulness or forgiveness. It's a little uncomfortable at the moment but I feel intensely vibrating then... I am actually at a higher level of consciousness and peace and I appreciate!!!!!

All this in just one session with you Lise! *Translated from French

Dear Lise, I was really surprised to see how simple and effective your coaching method is! In a few meetings, we were able to release problems that I had been working on for several years. Your sense of discernment, your dedication and your great respect make you an exceptional companion! I found my joy of living again, a space of peace and lightness! Thank you for your help and thank you for giving us the tools to learn how to better manage our emotions. It’s so reassuring to know that there are always solutions… Good continuity. *Translated from French
Jocelyne Cossette
Quebec, Canada
Hello to those who are lucky enough to read me, you already have a step in the right direction. If I want to summarize in one word the meetings I had with Lise FREEDOM! With Lise we worked on blockages due to situations that happened in the past and what a relief. Set me free in a short time with a simplicity, of things that I have experienced, that have followed me all my life and have just served me and not being well everyone has its little things that bother us. Lise is a great listener I would even go to compare her with a meeting with a psychologist and yes with very positive and fast results.
Guylaine Martin
Quebec, Canada
“Lise Regimbald is the most trusted practitioner I ever had for effecting change and results. A talented and skilled professional, she is always actively in tune with every aspect of my sessions.  With Lise, I have had very successful, remarkable shifts in healing my traumatic past and forging my future.  She is witty, humorous, full of lots of surprises, while being very focused and always caring. Counseling or therapy never accomplished for me what Lise achieved in our sessions.  She is trustworthy, committed and determined to help you reach the changes you want ...faster.  I am a very grateful, loyal client and highly recommend her.’’
Lorraine Allen
New Jersey, USA
Rouge 1
"Lise Regimbald is the only person that will study you and help you with the best tools to unlock what you are doing in your mind. Lise is my Beautiful Angel that came to me with a gift of knowledge. Lise figured out how to help me. I had memories of a lot rapes starting when I was five years old that lasted for a long period of 14 years. These are super deep traumas. Working with Lise on the liberation of the emotions related to these traumas significantly improved my overall physical condition.

I suffer from biliary dyskinesia, acute severe chronic Crohn's disease with IBD (inflammatory bowel disease) and Endometriosis. IBD means a lot diarrhea with a lot of pain, all day and night. Endometriosis means cause pain severe especially during menstrual periods. Now it is 100% gone. My Crohn's inflammation is about 50% down. I always had diarrhea now it is 70% down diarrhea compare to 100%. My gallbladder is started to work with affirmation that Lise said to do and to manifest.

Pain was I could not move. I felt so much pain all over my body. I am now walking weekly a mile vs I could not walk because I had a lot of pain all over my body. I had 100% pain, now I have 50% less pain and I am still working with Lise on my emotions to hopefully reduce it down. Severely exhausted to 50% less exhausted. 100% terror during the night replace with 100% excitement. I was suicidal and now my passion is coming back to me.

I discovered a lot of rage that was covered up. With the work I did with Lise and that I am still doing, I am walking through the liberation and acceptance of it all. I have a sense that my life is lightning up and that my passion is now more accessible to me. I am so grateful that I asked the universe for help and so grateful that Lise appeared to me. I recommend Lise to everyone."
Amanda C.
Rose 3
Ms. Regimbald, I want to thank you for the meetings. I had a problem with rejection and abandonment. You made me do deep work to change and release these emotions. I want to tell you that thanks to you I feel much better and calmer. *Translated from French
André Jacques
Quebec, Canada
“ My name is Kasandra. I have been working with Lise for almost a year. In this time, Lise has helped me process an incredible amount of my personal childhood trauma. We've been focusing on early relationships that were traumatic in relation to current relationships that are challenging for me. She has worked with me through 2 major life changes with my career and she has helped me work through and stop ways that I sabotage my goals with my real-life situations. During this time, we've used the tools she has from her skills as an Eutaptics practitioner which included homework that helped me see new healthy perspectives. She has been coaching and guiding me towards changing behaviors. My life has improved by making changes and taking responsibility for my decisions. She has guided me in manifesting positive situations with my own behavior changes.
My relationship with the people is better than I could ever considered. My relationship with my son has improved so much, I used to have a teen who avoided me, now he wants to spend time with me, and I never thought that would happen, this happened because I changed, my son didn't have to do anything, I was the one who changed for the better. I have let go of situations and people who the story is really a closed book and I feel forgiveness for people in my life that I never thought I'd forgive. Not only have I forgiven, but I have also forgotten to even remember many things that no longer matter, that were once traumatic to me, because now these memories are healed. We've been working on healing memories, now we're working toward improving my life.
I am so very grateful for Lise. She is giving me tools to recover my life, my son, and my future and even my happiness. I feel heard and understood by Lise, she is a very intelligent Eutaptics Practitioner.’’
Kasandra Springford
Texas, USA
“ Lise is such an amazing practitioner. She is very knowledgeable in how the mind and body works and is able to safely guide me to process my emotions. She is very patient and kind, yet straightforward in her approach. I love that she is able to investigate and pin point the root of my issues. She is an amazing coach and I have progressed significantly in my healing journey while working with Lise. If you’re ready and committed to making positive changes in your life, then I highly recommend you give Lise a call! You won’t regret it. Thank you for all your help Lise!’’
Racquel P.
Los Angeles, USA
It was in May 2022 that I met Lise for the first time for a Tapping treatment. Within the first half hour, barriers gave way to let a flood of tears of renunciation and release flow. It took an emotional strain on me and made me vulnerable to myself. This stripping left me with a lightness and a sense of well-being that I hadn't felt in a long time. After a few weeks, I find that these blockages and old patterns have given way to surges of compassion and caring that settle more and more firmly in me. I also see that the people around me are pleasantly affected by this change in me and which brings peace to them. Through this process, even though there is sadness and fear at times, something is being examined, overcome and ultimately healed. This is why I recommend a Tapping treatment with Lise. Thank you Lise for your support. *Translated from French
Jaqueline L.
Quebec, Canada