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About me

Lise Régimbald

I believe that the human being is an untapped treasure with unlimited potential.

My story begins during a 6-month personal development program that I followed abroad. During this stay, I was attacked and bitten several times by dogs. I went home with a very great fear of dogs. For several years, I felt trapped by this fear, no longer being able to go out alone. Even a small dog made me tremble. I knew very well that I could hit him with a single kick, but fear had more influence on my body than my reason. My heart was beating hard, my legs were soft and trembling. I felt that I no longer had control over my own person.

I then started looking for solutions to free myself from this prison. I found a modality that turned my fear into a deliverance, in just 10 minutes. At the time, I didn’t know that something had changed. When I went out that day and saw a dog at the end of the street, I had no reaction. I was calm and my body was calm. It was happiness! No more fear, no more unpleasant feeling, no more panic. Nothing! I was liberated!

I wish everyone to experiment such a  liberation and I am available to help you enjoy the same!

How May I Help You?

Do you want to feel better? Do you want real change in your life? Are you ready for a better life? Fast!  You are at the good place! I can help you!

Let me help you transform these unwanted memories, emotions, feelings, sensations and beliefs into something good, pleasant and comfortable. Take your power back just like I did!

Using powerful neuroplasticity-based techniques, I help people release what is troubling them and uncover their inner possibilities.

Be the next client to say:

  • It feels like I lost 100 pounds,
  • I feel so calm,
  • It is like magic,
  • I feel relax, hopeful and more peaceful, 
  • I feel different, I feel much better, I feel wonderful,
  • I’m doing better and better, that is incredible!

What are you struggling with?


Stress and Anxiety

Are you stressed out? Do you worry about the future? Are you often in panic mode? Are you anxious?


Weight Loss and Cravings

Do you struggle with weight loss? Do you feel powerless over food? Do you feel ashamed not being able to control yourself? Are you tired of dieting? Do you want control back?


Fears & Phobias

Do you fear dogs, snakes, spiders? Do you have a fear of flying? Do you have a fear of heights? Do you fear elevators? Do you fear being alone? Do you want to be free now?


Trauma and PTSD

Does it feel like you will never recover from that trauma? Do you feel overwhelmed?


Abandonment and Rejection

Do you feel alone? Do you feel rejected no matter what you do? Are people leaving you?


And so many more …

Addictions, Anger and frustration, Depression, Emotional and Physical Abused, Grief & Loss, Low self-esteem, Painful memories, Relationships issues, Sleep issues, Etc…

What People are saying

"Lise Regimbald is the most trusted practitioner I ever had for effecting change and results. A talented and skilled professional, she is always actively in tune with every aspect of my sessions. With Lise, I have had very successful, remarkable shifts in healing my traumatic past and forging my future. She is witty, humorous, full of lots of surprises, while being very focused and always caring. Counseling or therapy never accomplished for me what Lise achieved in our sessions. She is trustworthy, committed and determined to help you reach the changes you want ...faster. I am a very grateful, loyal client and highly recommend her.’’
Lorraine Allen
New Jersey, USA

This is your Journey to Empowerment

I will also show you how to work on yourself and help you to have more control over your life and become stronger.